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Admissions Mastery 101

Why leave your child’s success to chance


The most comprehensive Private School Admissions guide and resource tool

providing you the competitive edge towards admissions success:

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This is more than just your average resource!


putting your child’s needs first !

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The admissions process feels so complex! Paula, I have absolutely no idea where to start, I’m so overwhelmed,  and I want the best for my child - can you help me!
— Parent

It does not have to be!

“How,” you ask? Let me explain…

When families started to partner with me over ten years ago for advice on how to increase their child’s love of learning in a way that would develop their children’s readiness skills, build confidence, and support each stage of development, I was honoured. When parents achieved their goals of private school acceptance, and their children found a love of learning, I knew I found my purpose and passion.

I have spent over 15 years studying and applying my knowledge and skills in early child development. For over five years, I have partnered with families in my boutique firm - Howell Academics, in reaching success to the top private schools in North America, Australia, the U.A.E. and China.

All families are unique, each having a story that is the tapestry of their joy. As parents our children are our hearts, and our world.

Thank you

for allowing me to be a part of your child’s journey,

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Take a look inside 5 Modules



Become Clear


Before we get to the core of the process, we need to get really clear on your goals and child’s needs. We also need to determine the school environment types as well as school philosophies to make an informed decision.

  • Clarify your goals

  • What does right fit mean?

  • Define your family values in line with your school of choice

  • Highlight your Child’s unique strengths

  • Define each school model, environment, and philosophy



Get Organized


We are going to share the admissions process starting from Preschool. Empowering you as a parent to understand the process, and the tools to get organized.

  • Increasing your understanding of the application process- start to finish.

  • Focus on prioritizing your time preparing for the process

  • How to determine if you need a consultant

  • Selecting your reference list

  • Developing your child’s portfolio of skills.



Connection Creation


Its time to build the connection. We are going to go over the necessary

skills that you need in order to build the relationship with the school of choice. By the end of this module you will know how to form a meaningful authentic relationship with directors.

  • Optimize your interviews and email dialogue with Directors

  • Create impactful Parent Statements

  • Parent Interview success what to focus on

  • Director sample interview questions

  • Questions to ask Directors


Play Date Ramp Up


Understand the process of Kindergarten Testing. Learn the qualities highly valued by admissions Directors with out the stress of preparing your child.

  • Type of assessment strategies

  • How to build confidence in your child the day of the assessment

  • Tools to understand your child’s current abilities

  • Focus questions asked of your child during the assessment

  • Understanding what your child should know



Sneak Peak


As a part of the process, you will be invited to attend a school tour. Often feeling like a needle in a hay stack, this module will show you to create an impact with tools to give you the edge.

  • Why attend a school tour?

  • What to look for while on tour

  • Questions to ask while touring

  • Private tour? Guidance and conversation



when you join our signature program

our gift to you

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Readiness Assessment tool

Planning how best to encourage and build readiness confidence prior to admissions? This bonus includes:

  • Outlines the readiness skills need with examples

  • Strategies to do in less than 10 min a day

  • Easy to pin to fridge calendar reference

  • Resources to continue to encourage academic success beyond the admissions process

Valued at $99US


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