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Our Commitment

The reality of building a solid academic foundation for your child can be intimidating. Howell Academics is dedicated to making this process smooth and authentic to each family it has the honour to support.

We are Educational Consultants that are committed to providing your family with individual attention, first-hand knowledge of educational opportunities, and the time and patience to explore all of the options.

We have extensive knowledge of schools and can broaden the potential choices, and provide vital help in weighing important factors. With Howell Academics, your family will gain the opportunity to explore a wider variety of options and discuss possibilities in a meaningful way.


C.O.R.E Approach

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It is not enough to be smart, hardworking and academically advanced. Communication and cooperation skills are paramount for children to achieve a higher level of success. This program improves children’s ability to speak to new people, interview with confidence, and present in front of groups with ease while working cooperatively with others.

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Our focus is to teach young children how to plan to do their best work. Through teaching listening skills, time management, ways to care for personal belongings, children learn how to keep tidy and clean and the build the foundation for social and personal responsibility

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Offering strategies for children to learn how how to stay calm and stop oneself from getting angry, down, or worried when something “bad” happens. Through role, play and stories children learn how to control behaviour, and bounce back from difficulty to return to work or play.

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Children with high esteem are not afraid to make mistakes when learning something new. This program teaches children the skills needed to ask for help and try their very best! It teaches how to make new friends, and how to respond to conflicts that may arise in friendships confidently.