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We are committed to gaining your trust, by empowering your parenting voice, to give you clarity and courage to reach Admissions Mastery and beyond.

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Your story is the bridge that connects you to another
— Paula Howell - Founder Howell Academics


Discover the “best fit” for your family.


Howell Academics has established the trusted reputation of working to ensure that all children have the best chance at lifelong success as the foundation of our service.

It is our commitment to make sure your family is choosing the best school fit and that you articulate your connection with integrity, confidence, and your child’s wonderment at your core.

Note: Howell Academics limits the number of families we work with each year to preserve the competitive advantage of our clients.


Note: Howell Academics limits the number of families we work with each year to preserve the competitive advantage of our clients.



Areas of Service & Care



We take pride in our ability to help families navigate the complex path to admission within top private schools. We work in partnership with each family to discover family’s values and goals to discover the best fit private school. We review all aspects of the admissions process, from start to acceptance, and provide tools to educate families about the admissions process, we are committed to guiding you through the application process itself - from editing personal statements to interview and assessment preparation.


Top private schools require applicants to take an either a formal or informal assessment. It is of primary importance that your child demonstrates readiness as a part of the consideration process for admissions. Our EDEN Education Program and SSAT Mastery Practice Tests are thoroughly developed to prepare your child to successfully, confidently test. Our program will prepare your child for all question types - from verbal and quantitative reasoning to early literacy, mathematics and critical thinking.


The ability to be able to express understanding and needs with clarity is fundamental in admissions success. We specialize in early learning development. Our comprehensive literacy program builds on your child’s vocabulary, and phonetic awareness, to develop and expand literacy skills well beyond the expectations of traditional public schools; applicants who display a high level of aptitude have far greater chances of admission.


We have at some point in our life been interviewed. Interviews by nature are first impressions. Family interviews carry significant importance in the private school admissions process. They provide the Admissions Directors a window into your values and goals and insight into your family matrix. We hold in house interview preparation with parents and students to prepare them for interviewer questions to ensure their responses detail your goals and values and needs of your child effectively.


Student interviews can be formal or informal, within a whole group setting with individual pull outs or with parents or independent of parents. Our goal is to empower your child to to feel confident in their uniqueness. Articulating who one is often a challenge for even us adults, by providing opportunities for your child to discover and develop stronger character awareness, we ensure your child exhibits the traits, demeanour, and intelligence that admissions officers look for in applicants.


Understanding how your child interacts within a classroom setting, and discovering how to best support parallel, cooperative, and active participatory learning is the frame work of our EDEN small group Program. Focusing on each early learner's development in verbal and quantitative reasoning, early literacy, and mathematics for applicants for PreK through Grade 1; We organize opportunities to - from cooperation, leadership and friendship to sportsmanship and likability and critical thinking expression.


Your Unique Story…


Headquartered in Vancouver BC, Canada, Howell Academics, partner with families to ensure their children are best positioned for admission into the preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, grade one to four classes within Vancouver &, New York top-tier private schools. Our boutique firm specializes in all admissions-related matters, from admissions assessment, child literacy to parent interview preparation.



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We have take a three step approach to learning about your family and child. Connect with us today to begin the process.

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