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We are committed to gaining your trust, by empowering your parenting voice, to give you clarity and courage to reach Admissions Mastery.

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Paula Howell, the Founder of Howell Academics, is an accredited Early Childhood Educator, and Primary school teacher. She has over 15 years of proven success, offering families extensive insight into the admissions process, culture, and academics of top-tier private schools.



Headquartered in Vancouver BC, Canada, Howell Academics, partner with families to ensure their children are best positioned for admission into the preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, grade one to four classes within Vancouver’s top-tier private schools. Our boutique firm specializes in all admissions-related matters, from admissions assessment, child literacy to parent interview preparation.n.



We not only provide you with a clear roadmap to admission but also provide your family comprehensive guidance and training throughout each stage of the admissions process. We bring extensive experience and professionalism to each family and customize our support to your family’s needs and concerns.



We have carefully studied the private school admissions process and use our first-hand experience and insight to inform our admissions program —all to give you and your family exceptional training and advice that will last for years to come.


Early Learning Programs

We believe that your children deserve a high-quality, equitable early education.  E.D.E.N Education Enrichment Programs & Signature Admissions Consulting Services will empower both you and your child. We give you the focus, insight, resources and tools you need to achieve consistent results in all areas social, emotional and academic for your child. Because you want your child to reach their full potential, while nourishing their needs and wonderment, our services are for you.


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Together we can empower you as a parent, highlight your values and goals, and prepare your child for school and life success. We take pride in helping families navigate the pathway to admissions and build the foundations for development and success.
We work closely with each of our families to make sure that they are represented in a way that authentically expresses their story, values, goals, and experiences throughout every stage of their journey.
— Paula Howell - Founder Howell Academics

Why leave your child’s success to chance?  

Your story is the bridge that connects you to another
— Paula Howell - Founder Howell Academics


Discover the “best fit” for your family.

Note: Howell Academics limits the number of families we work with each year to preserve the competitive advantage of our clients.

Howell Academics has established the trusted reputation of working to ensure that all children have the best chance at lifelong success as the foundation of our service.

It is our commitment to make sure your family is choosing the best school fit and that you articulate your connection with integrity, confidence, and your child’s wonderment at your core.


Thank you, Paula! Our daughter received an offer from our first choice of school. Thank you for your support and guidance. Much of your E.D.E.N program was a part of her assessment, she made such a strong connection to the process.
— Admissions Mastery- Perent A & L


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