Your Questions Answered


What age of children do you work with?

Paula Howell is a qualified teacher and holds certification to teach within British Columbia Canada, Ontario Canada, and Queensland Australia Kindergarten to grade 12. In addition she holds a Scholars Diploma in Early Childhood education. Howell Academics specializes in early learning admissions; in addition to we serve parents with children applying to both middle and senior school.

When is the best time to begin the private school admissions process?

Each school has what are called intake years. Intake years defined - the years the school has confirmed spaces of availability to accept new students. Intake years vary from school to school, although common, most schools intake is in the early years ( Junior Kindergarten - Grade 1) and the start of senior school ( . Grade 6 and 8). Although these may be the official intake years, it is best to check directly with each school of interest for specific intake periods.

Does your Admissions Mastery service offer a success guarantee?

Howell Academics provision of support and guidance does not automatically admit the candidate to your school of interest.  Admissions are competitive and depend on the number of places available, test, and interview results, academic transcripts and personal recommendation.   Howell academics coaching and recommendations are based on experience and best available knowledge and integrity.  A full commitment is made to assist and provide you with the best support through out your admissions process and beyond if requested.

Are you affiliated with any of the private schools?

Howell Academics is a private boutique consulting firm. We specialize in Education Consulting and Admissions services. We assist you as a silent contractor. To learn more about the benefits of admissions consulting click here to download our information guide.

Is there a fee for a consultation?

Paula Howell the Founder of Howell Academics, personally conducts all in house assessments. Our in person consultations include a 20 min* comprehensive student readiness assessment/observation and verbal feedback of opportunities and success. We allow approximately 45min additional time following student assessment, to share your goals for your family and provide feedback on next steps and action items to begin your admissions journey. The fee for our 90 min interactive, consultation and assessment is $395 + (GST)

How does your Giving Back Program Work?

Paula is a true advocate of providing opportunity. Children in many parts of the world are not fortunate to receive access to water, food, and resources. A portion of programs and services at Howell Academics is donated to each of the following charities: Charity: Water, Pencils of Purpose and Cuddle and Kind*

Cuddle and Kind - When you enrol in our A + Parent Programs Howell Academics will donate $65 of your purchase to providing 10 meals to children. Contact to learn more.