We Serve You


Howell Academics success with families is a result of our commitment to serving each family with integrity. Our services are innovative and designed with each families individual goals, values, and needs in mind.

Our growth includes establishing E.D.E.N Education —our early childhood education enrichment program. We focus on active student engagement opportunities that strengthen children’s abilities in developing confidence- academically, socially and emotionally.

We employ E.C.E ( early childhood educators) and Certified teachers, and highly qualified subject experts to support your child in their academic journey and beyond.

Finally, we believe learning to be an ever evolving experience . Through trust, clarity, and courage we provide the building blocks to life long learning, a love of discovery, curiosity and preservation of child wonderment; for both our parents and student.

As a company we are dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation to better serving your needs, it is our honour to partner with you.



Trust is the counter stone of our relationships with our parents - past, present and future. Our children are our future, and thus, at Howell Academics our responsibility extends to ensuring that integrity is at our forefront of each decision, experience and communication with our families.

We humbly thank you for allowing us to be a part of this journey with you.



Every parent is equipped with the most important ingredient to helping their child achieve success; academic, social and emotionally this resource? love. At Howell Academics we provide you with the tools, resources, and clarity to position your values, articulate your goals and navigate through your child’s education into private, public school and beyond.



Parenting today is complex. We are in a time were with the internet we have an abundant amount of information at our finger tips to support us in parenting. This can often be overwhelming and create a sense of uncertainty to weather we are providing enough to give our child the best opportunities.

Each family is unique and your children bring a special joy of wonderment. We are committed to providing you the courage to be your child’s advocate, the confidence to accept the beauty in imperfection and the right fit in relation to determining their academic and social environments.