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Play with Purpose…

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Discover Wonderment

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Dedicated to helping you understand the direct link to child academic success through wonderment. By Increasing your child’s independent, immersive, imaginary play, you have the ingredients that embrace childhood, while providing the building blocks to academic and social readiness.

  • Learn how to select the best resources

  • Increase your child’s playtime with more purpose

  • Reduce the parenting stress and establish a stronger bond

  • Learn how to create an engaging and resourceful space in your home

  • Receive a tool box of creative organizing tools!


lets talk

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Lets Talk - Effective Communication Development and ways to use and introduce language to develop the character traits necessary for school success. Learn how to support your child as they learn to articulate their needs.

  • How to question to gain understanding of your child’s needs

  • Focus on prioritizing your time

  • Impactful activities that generate communication skills



learning to learn

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Its time to build the connection. Your child will develop skills using language through the day to share their needs and express their feelings. In this module, discover how to encourage effective language and literacy skills.

  • Encourage curiosity and wonderment

  • How to authentically include your child in family plans and discussions

  • Strategies to encourage growth in your child’s ability to effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas.


sharing the day

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Parenting is a full time job, not to mention the other roles and responsibilities that we have as parents to our little ones. With good intent, we want to spend more time with them! So how do we share the day while engaging in opportunities that create connection, growth and fun for all?

  • Step by step action plan in how to set up a routine that works

  • Activities that spark connection

  • Incorporating our environment for purposeful play experiences

  • Sharing the day 3 month calendar



tool box

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At a loss of how to engage your child? The toolbox with provide you with the tools for play and the right arts & crafts materials that make learning fun and support curiosity, engagement and child development.

  • Ideas that tap into social, emotional, and academic foundations

  • Resources that you too will enjoy!

  • Reference guide to help you discover play further

  • 12 month play with Purpose Calendar of ideas



the icing

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