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Navigating the complexity of securing admission to a prestigious private school can be overwhelming. At Howell Academics, we offer professional guidance and support to ease the stress.

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2025/2026 Admissions season begins August 2024 









We understand the importance of crafting a compelling narrative that showcases your family and child's strengths and aspirations. With personalized guidance, we transform the application process into a strategic opportunity for success.

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Our comprehensive support services, including A La Cart, Elite Consulting and Premium Elite Full Application Service options, provide step-by-step guidance throughout the admissions journey.  From designing an initial action plan to fine-tuning applications and coaching parents through the entire process, we ensure every aspect is meticulously addressed. With personal preparation sessions for students, interview success is guaranteed. Paula's unwavering commitment to each family's desired result ensures dedicated support and a seamless path to private school admission excellence.


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Expert Guidance

Led by Paula Howell, a distinguished early learning specialist and admissions expert with over 25 years of experience, our services are designed to streamline the private school admission process. Paula's extensive expertise encompasses private school and U.S. admissions, positioning her as a sought-after speaker at  educational conferences.

As the visionary behind Parent Education League™ and Admissions Success Strategy™, Paula is deeply committed to expanding opportunities for students and families, ensuring personalized guidance tailored to individual needs and goals. 

由拥有超过25年经验的杰出早期教育专家和招生专家Paula Howell领导,我们的服务旨在简化私立学校的招生过程。Paula广泛的专业知识涵盖私立学校和美国的招生,使她成为教育会议上备受追捧的演讲者。

作为Parent Education League™和Admissions Success Strategy™的创始人,Paula致力于为学生和家庭扩展机会,确保提供针对个人需求和目标的个性化指导

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"Working with Paula and Howell Academics was a fulfilling experience. We had very personal service, step by step guidance and a collaborative writing process to ensure that we were able to best express ourselves.."


Sascha Anderson

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"Paula is an angel who helped my daughter and I to get into a very high demanding independent high school in Vancouver. It was a very stressful time for us however she thoughtfully with patient supported us.."


Farzaneh Khani

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Partner with us to streamline your path to admission. Our experts ensure that every aspect of your child's application reflects their excellence and potential. Don't face the challenge alone—let Howell Academics be your trusted ally in securing a bright future for your child.

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