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Welcome to Howell Academics, your premier destination for tailored educational solutions. Specializing in private school admissions consulting and comprehensive support for parents and individuals, we equip families and professionals with the tools for success. Our diverse services, including education consultancy, personal, family, and business coaching, support academic, familial, and professional growth through life's milestones. Discover how we can empower you today.

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Challenges like the complexity of admissions, competitive career market, and complex family transitions can be overwhelming... 

Looking for the most trusted source to guide you and your family through life's milestones, from private education through to successful, informed parenting, and navigating complex transitions like co-parenting? You’ve found it. Since 2013, Howell Academics has helped students gain admission to top independent, private, and competitive educational institutions at 4.5 times the general applicant rate. Education is the foundation we use to support individuals through the entire journey of life with confidence.


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Discover your potential with our Educational Guidance services! From interview prep to student advocacy and charity connections, we tailor our support to empower you for academic and personal success. Let us guide you to excel and achieve your goals.

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Parent Education League™

In a world where education is fiercely competitive, knowledge is your greatest asset. Parent Education League™ provides a clear path to confident, intuitive parenting, acknowledging the delicate harmony between social, emotional, and academic growth for your child. 

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Welcome to our premier admissions consulting firm, specializing in private school admissions from preschool to grade 8. Our platform offers valuable resources, expert training, and actionable steps for your child's success.


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Book a discovery consultation with us today. We offer a comprehensive 60-minute student assessment to understand your needs and goals. Howell Academics specializes in private school admissions, English language mastery, speechwriting, proposal presentations, and family mediation. Let us guide you through life's milestones.

"Working with Paula and Howell Academics was a fulfilling experience. We had very personal service, step by step guidance and a collaborative writing process to ensure that we were able to best express ourselves.."


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Navigating admission to top private schools in Canada and the United States can be challenging. At Howell Academics, we're proud to help students secure spots in prestigious institutions. Our premier educational solutions cater to parents, families, and individuals, specializing in education consultancy, personal, family, and business coaching. From private school admissions to English language mastery, speechwriting, proposal presentations, and family mediation, our diverse services support academic, familial, and professional growth through life's milestones. Additionally, we empower families with advisory services and parenting resources.

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