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Welcome to Howell Academics, where we believe that life and parenting are adorned with numerous milestones when lived to the fullest. We are committed to providing premier educational solutions tailored to your life's journey. Whether you're a family seeking educational guidance, a youth who requires mentorship to reach your goals, or a parent striving to understand the how to advocate for your child's voice, we have the tools and expertise to support you every step of the way.

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Preparing for the upcoming Admission season?

Equip yourself with our expertly crafted guide featuring the top 20 parent interview questions. This essential resource will help you navigate the admission process with confidence, providing insight into what schools are looking for and how you can best represent your child's strengths and potential. Download now to ensure you're fully prepared to showcase your family's values and aspirations, setting the stage for a successful admission journey.

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Howell Academics established in 2016 has evolved to support individuals, families, and students. If you're committed to Achieving your goals we'll help get you there faster

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Education Consulting

Our comprehensive support services, including A La Cart, Elite Consulting and Premium Elite Full Application Service options, provide step-by-step guidance throughout the admissions journey.  From designing an initial action plan to fine-tuning applications and coaching parents through the entire process, we ensure every aspect is meticulously addressed. With personal preparation sessions for students, interview success is guaranteed.


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Interview Coaching &  Student Mentorship

In a world that constantly pushes us toward the next big goal, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters in our journey toward success and fulfillment. Whether you're looking to achieve academic excellence, elevate your business, reignite passion in your relationships, or embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, Paula Howell’s virtual live events, one-on-one coaching, and comprehensive training systems are here to guide you.


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Advocacy & Voice of the Child 

Life’s transitions can be overwhelming, especially when legal complications are involved. At Howell Academics, our Mediation program provides the support you need during these stressful changes. Specifically, we offer a strategic analysis to support you during turbulent times specializing in Co-parenting plans, voice of the child, workplace and human rights, First Nations Advocacy, and support in completing forms. 

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Student Enrichment Programs 

In a world that constantly rewards excellence, At Howell Academics, we specialize in fostering accelerated progress through a personalized approach to learning. By carefully evaluating each student's unique needs and goals, we create individualized plans designed to ensure success.  Our Ready Set Admissions PrepŸ,  program integrates evidence-based research and natural developmental principles. We focus on developing academic knowledge, enhancing communication skills, and fostering critical thinking abilities. We prioritize creating high-quality lessons that are both enjoyable and engaging, aiming to cultivate a deep-seated passion for learning and empower students to achieve their personal goals effectively. 


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Book a free discovery call with Paula Howell to explore your options and create a personalized plan. Whether you're looking to enhance your child's education, support their unique needs, or simply get answers to your questions, we're here to help. Start your journey with confidence by scheduling your discovery call today!

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In this 15-minute session, we will start to deep dive with you on what your biggest goals are and current challenges you are having with achieving them

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We'll match you with a coaching strategic plan to help you uncover the root cause to what's truly stopping you from getting what you want

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You'll get started with Howell Academics Results Services team and close the gap to where you want to be quickly and efficiently.

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We have a 4.5 out of 5-star Google Review
Paula Howell created a Strategic Proven system that’s designed to get you results
We leverage community network, resources and skills to ensure over  250+ hours of training
Utilizing Human Design, Phychology and ethical integral process to achieve goals.
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"Working with Paula and Howell Academics was a fulfilling experience. We had very personal service, step by step guidance and a collaborative writing process to ensure that we were able to best express ourselves.."


Sascha Anderson

About Paula Howell —

Elevating Education & Business


Paula Howell brings over 22 years of educational expertise to her role as an education consultant and business coach. Specializing in English language mastery, speechwriting, proposal presentations, and independent and private school applications, Paula's diverse skill set caters to various facets of academic and professional development.

Beyond traditional education, Paula holds certifications in Advanced Human Resource Management appointed by Cornell University and Family Mediation from York University. These additional qualifications underscored complimented by certifications in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) anchor her commitment to continuous professional development and her ability to blend strategic communication skills with a nuanced understanding of organizational dynamics.

Paula's approach to professional development emphasizes the importance of addressing the individual needs and goals of her clients and students. Her dedication to facilitating success through strategic communication and education is evident in her whole-person approach, which prioritizes growth and development.

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