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Education is the foundation. Specializing in private school admissions consulting and comprehensive support for parents and individuals, we equip families and professionals with the tools for success. Our diverse services, include- education consultancy, personal, family, and business coaching, academic, familial, and professional growth through life's milestones.


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combine years of experience education consulting, coaching, & advocacy


students & families supported in private school admissions & Advocacy   


donated to community initiatives & child advocacy


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Discover unparalleled personal, professional, and familial growth. Howell Academics is your partner in navigating life's challenges. Our strategic partnership is dedicated to empowering individuals, families, and communities to achieve their full potential transform your journey with our tailored support designed to foster success and fulfillment. 

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Discover your potential with our Educational Guidance services! From interview prep to student advocacy and charity connections, we tailor our support to empower you for academic and personal success. Let us guide you to excel and achieve your goals.

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Welcome to our premier admissions consulting firm, specializing in private school admissions from preschool to grade 8. Our platform offers valuable resources, expert training, and actionable steps for your child's success.

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Parent Education Leagueℱ

In a world where education is fiercely competitive, knowledge is your greatest asset. Parent Education Leagueℱ provides a clear path to confident, intuitive parenting, acknowledging the delicate harmony between social, emotional, and academic growth for your child.

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Managing separations and divorces can be complex. Couples may face disputes, legal battles, and challenges in coparenting. Our services provide expert guidance in Separation and Divorce Coaching, Coparenting Coaching, and Mediation for Parenting Plans. Reach out for professional support.

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Founder & CEO Paula Howell

Building Trust Through Navigating Life's Transitions Together

Born in California, raised in Canada, and having studied overseas, my journey has been deeply enriched by a diverse tapestry of cultures and experiences. This unique background has made me intimately familiar with the nature of transition, not just geographically, but emotionally and professionally as well. Navigating the competitive landscape of school admissions has offered me a comprehensive view of the pressures families face, a perspective further deepened by my own daughter's journey through the private school admissions process.

"This personal experience was a turning point, to feeling the profound emotional rollercoaster parents endure."

I have been humbled and ignited a continued commitment to create the Parent Education Leagueℱ - tools and resources assessable to all for supporting families through educational, social, and emotional transitions and millstones. 

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Education Specialist ,Life Coach, Child Advocate & Mediator 

Partnership Rooted in Empathy & Knoweldge

Enhancing my expertise and broadening my resources as a certified Life Coach and child advocate sexual abuse prevention was a deliberate step towards healing my own childhood traumas. It was a journey to understand and process my experiences, expanding both my empathy and skills necessary to offer genuine, informed support to others. My personal path through divorce served as another critical juncture, driving me to become a certified Family Mediator. This role not only allowed me to navigate my own experiences  with grace and resilience but also bestowed me with the knowledge that with the right guidance, tools and resources, it's possible to foster new, healthy relationships post-divorce and co- parent respectfully with the needs of the child at the core. 

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Guiding Your Growth

A  Commitment to Transparency & Legacy Building


The partnerships I cultivate with families, children, individuals, and the broader community are anchored in a principle of transparency. Over two decades, my professional path, illuminated by a deep commitment to education, has significantly shaped my evolving purpose. This journey has developed into a focused endeavour to provide meaningful support to parents, individuals, children and families as they strive to achieve and discover their goals. Sharing my personal experiences is a way to inspire others to see the potential for positive change and growth, even in the face of adversity, competitive environments, and life's transitions. My objective is to support you in establishing a legacy characterized by pride and sustainable impact, spanning personal, academic, social, and community spheres.

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Parent Education Leagueℱ

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