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Since 2012, Howell Academics has empowered over 500 students, with 300 successfully gaining admissions to top institutions. Additionally, we've supported over 100 business-minded individuals through coaching, consulting, and enrichment services.


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At Howell Academics, we offer unparalleled expertise in guiding families through school admissions. We specialize in preschools, kindergarten, lower, middle, and upper schools. With advanced degrees in education and over 15 years of experience in independent school roles, our  invaluable insights ensure your educational journey is successful. 

Looking for the most trusted source to help you and your family navigate the complex path to private education?

We're here to help you succeed in your admissions journey & beyond.


"On behalf of my family, we truly appreciate your support to our daughter and  making our dreams come true, with acceptance into Crofton House School."


Crofton House JK 2021/2022 B & H Sue.

Founder; Paula Howell

Elevating Education & Business


Paula Howell brings over 22 years of educational expertise to her role as an education consultant and business coach. Specializing in English language mastery, speechwriting, proposal presentations, and independent and private school applications, Paula's diverse skill set caters to various facets of academic and professional development.

Beyond traditional education, Paula holds certifications in Advanced Human Resource Management appointed by Cornell University and Family Mediation from York University. These additional qualifications underscore complimented by certifications in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) anchors her commitment to continuous professional development and her ability to blend strategic communication skills with a nuanced understanding of organizational dynamics.

Paula's approach to professional development emphasizes the importance of addressing the individual needs and goals of her clients and students. Her dedication to facilitating success through strategic communication and education is evident in her whole-person approach, which prioritizes growth and development.

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Opening doors and minds to new possibilities, creating a foundation for long  term success, joy of lifelong learning, wonderment, thriving environment for  growth, education, socialization, professional skills, personal development.


Clarity, confidence, helping clients through the process, trust, vulnerability,  relatability, relationships, honesty, transparency. 

Personal Excellence 

Uniqueness, finding the right fit, family strengths, child strengths, family story,  customized plan, authenticity, getting to the heart of your family’s personality,  interests, qualifications, and aspirations. 


Educating, confidence, helping families articulate and express their unique  strengths and qualities, providing tools and personalized support, connections.

Paula is an angel who helped my daughter and I to get into a very high demanding independent high school in Vancouver. It was a very stressful time for us however she thoughtfully with patient supported us. She uses all her knowledge and experience to guide you for the best results of your achievements.

I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have more encouragement and self confidence in this phase of life.


Farzaneh Khani

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